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Business in Walkerville: From An 1898 Report

One very striking feature of Walkerville is that the stores and other business buildings are quite out of the common, small town order, both architecturally and as to the quality of the material employed, while one structure, viz., the distillery offices, is particularly fine, as may be judged from the illustrations thereof which follow.


It was not until May, 1890, that Walkerville was incorporated as a town, and almost all its public improvements date from that time. Moreover, looking back somewhat less than ten years, there were here, in the way of industries, nothing but the distillery and the modest machine shop of Messrs. Kerr Bros., since expanded into the Kerr Engine Co. Limited, with a fine new plant.

There have been added in that time the Walkerville Malleable Iron Co. Limited, The Walkerville Brewing Co., Limited, the Canadian Laboratory of Messrs. Parke, Davis & Co., The Globe Furniture Co., Limited, The Page Wire Fence Co., The Ontario Basket Co., Limited, The Christy Saddle Co., The Walker-Milner Wagon Co., Limited.

Walkerville is joined on the west by the City of Windsor, which in turn, has as its western extremity, Sandwich, one of the oldest and most picturesque little places in the province. These three towns are connected by a street railway system giving a ten-minute service.

Taken altogether, it would be difficult to find a pleasanter place of residence. Its situation upon the beautiful Detroit River is charming, and the proximity of Detroit, one of the prettiest of American cities, is no small attraction.

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