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Bert Weeks Memorial Garden

On November 30, 1990, the final spike was pulled from the CN tracks on Windsor's waterfront. In March 1991, City Council approved the first park development on the former CN lands; Bert Weeks Memorial Gardens.

It is fitting that part of this land will be dedicated to Bert Weeks who  championed the development of nine new riverfront parks (Ganatchio Park, Ganatcho Trail, Sandpoint Beach, Stop 26, Peche Island Landing, Lakeview Marina, Goose Bay, Piazza Udine and Coventry Gardens) during his 40 years of public service, including eight years as Mayor of Windsor. Weeks, a resident of Walkerville for nearly twenty years, was also instrumental in obtaining major parks in Windsor's west end including portions of Ojibway Prairie Complex and set the foundation for the Windsor Trail; a walk/cycle trail that is expanding to encircle the city.

Located at the foot of Parent Avenue, the Bert Weeks Memorial Gardens will complement the existing network of riverfront parkland, providing an almost continuous 5 km stretch of parkland from the Ambassador Bridge to Hiram Walkers.

The Gardens, designed in a spectacular circular pattern by Walkerville architect Michele R. Di Maio, are highlighted by a magnificent cascading water fountain and a reflecting pool equipped with a Noon Mark which, as a functioning time piece, pays homage to Weeks; a watchmaker by trade. Spacious plazas, formal and naturalized gardens, walking and cycling trails, and spectacular views of the Detroit River from the Riverfront Observation Pier complete the design.

Work has begun on a naturalized rock break-wall to protect the site from further water erosion. A fund-raising campaign has been launched to facilitate the construction of the Bert Weeks Memorial Gardens and contributions to this worthwhile initiative are welcomed. Donations over twenty dollars to the Greater Windsor Community Foundation are tax deductible. Major donors will be recognized with a permanent, on site marker bearing their name and/or logo.

For more information or to donate, call 255-6100, ext. 6441.

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