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Built in 1922 in the Collegiate Gothic style by architects Pennington & Boyle, Walkerville High served a growing community of Walkerville.

Walkerville Collegiate: Open Until Further Notice

by Holly Leyland, Walkerville Prime Minister

After many "Save Our School" meetings with concerned parents, members of the community, and dedicated students, Walkerville was kept from being closed. The Walkerville Student council distributed flyers throughout the community, had a large rally in the Walkerville auditorium, and advertised through the media. The main focus was to make the community aware of the issues concerning the closure and to gain support for our "fight".

The student council attended a meeting where, with the support of many Walkerville students, the council presented their petition to the Board of Education Trustees. At a Board of Education meeting in December 1998, the topic was discussed and voted on. Walkerville would not be closed.

Now, over three months later, cheery faces are back on both the teachers and students of Walkerville. Everyone is thankful to the committee which put so much time and effort into the long planning meetings and presentations to the Board of Education.

It was great to see committee members, teachers, students and community members pull together and work to help save Walkerville. The future of the school remains uncertain however and we won't know until later this year of the government's intentions. If the news is not good, the students will rally again to save the school.

Until then, Walkerville is planning its annual musical, which the Windsor Centre for the Creative Arts puts on. The student council is also very busy planning student events such as the Semi-Formal and activity weeks.

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