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Willistead Manor
Edward Chandler Walker's Magnificent Mansion in Walkerville

Sunday, October 21, 1905

Edward Chandler Walker's Magnificent Mansion in Walkerville

willistead1907.jpgThe combination of lavish expenditures and architectural skill has provided a magnificent mansion for E.C. Walker, of Walkerville, one of the wealthiest men in southwestern Ontario. In contrast with the rows of brick residences which comply with the wants of the average citizen of Walkerville, the new Walker home rises in palatial splendour, and from the massive turrets a commanding view of the panoramic beauties of Belle Isle and the Detroit River is obtained.

Contractors freely admit the new residence is not surpassed in the province of Ontario. It was erected at an estimated cost of $125,000, but the expenditure on the completed structure will probably exceed this amount.

The exterior is about completed, but the elaborate interior construction will not be finished until next spring of 1906 when Mr. and Mrs. Walker expect to occupy their commodious home. [They actually moved in during January 1906.]

Old English in Style

The Walker residence is modelled after the old English estates, being typical of the rural homes of wealthy men in the old country. The old English style of architecture has been observed in the designing of the residence, and the "atmosphere" of old English, is accentuated by the hedge which surrounds the grounds.

On approaching the building the visitor notices its massive grey stone structure, [granite stone direct from Scotland] surmounted with a striking red roof. Six massive turrets rise from the ground and the multiplicity of windows, apertures and doors give an impressive effect.

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